The Four Winds Newsletter - September 2008

Bringing Light in a Time of Change: The Institute for Energy Medicine
by Leigh Ellen Key

For years, the Four Winds has supported projects in Peru to provide shelter and resources to the Q'ero people. These projects were carried out in the spirit of Ayni, or right relationship, which characterizes the work of our community of healers. As we each look for new ways to support each other and our communities to embrace this important, prophetic time, we are also looking for new ways to act as a community to bring more light to the world.

As part of our renewed effort, the Institute for Energy Medicine (IEM), an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, continues this legacy in new ways that respond to the needs of this time.

The institute currently has four projects that are it’s focus. The first, Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey, is the focus of this newsletter and is dedicated to helping individuals make the transition through death full of peace and light. The second, the Munay-Ki Allyu, is driven primarily through our Munay-Ki website, which will re-launch in our January newsletter. The project insures that the Nine Sacred Rites are disseminated worldwide as a gift. The institute also continues to sponsor the Sanctuary Project, supporting the Qero of Peru, and our fourth endeavor on the effects of energy medicine techniques in healing.

You can help us to help others in a variety of ways. With your financial assistance, we can deliver thousands of free DVDs instructing family members how to go through the Great Death Rites with a loved one. With your support, we can deliver the Munay-Ki rites to millions. Click here and become a donor to this shared journey, become a volunteer, become a part of an active community of givers who bring light during this time of change.

In Munay, Leigh Ellen

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